Friday, 30 October 2009

Olivia and Olivia at

Check it out, we are live at notonthehighstreet!

This is my Olivia and Olivia from around the corner, her mum very kindly lent her to us and as you can see she was born to be in front of a camera. What a pair of beauties, they remind me of Lotta and Lola and they sound just like them too.


oliviasmum said...

What can I say ? Two beauties who will make us lots of money from modelling contracts, buy us houses and take us on exotic trips !! Have posted link to notonthehighstreet on my facebook so hopefully you will get some extra sales from my mates too xx

Joanna said...

I hope they buy us houses next door! (far away from that bloody dog too!)
Hope she buys me a new car too, mine died on La Haule hill yesterday, garage are muttering something about drive shafts (?) sounds expensive, eeek.

Have at found you on facebook at last, hurrah x

Joanna said...

thanks for the link, are your friends rich? x