Wednesday, 21 January 2009

giveaway...big all about it!

I met this lovely lady Molly through Flickr who has a great blog called MommyCoddle, it's full of interesting snippets of her life with her three young daughters in Maryland, they home school, do wonderful creative things together, other times she shares interesting things and interesting people and every so often she posts a "Show & Tell" to share good finds with other mums. Well, I'm lucky enough to be part of her blog this week and she's doing a Little Bird tee shirt giveaway, so if you fancy a big goody bag of free tees then go and check it out...

Joanna x

Competition Update...
We have a winner, Christy received her parcel of tees and sent me this lovely email...

"Happy mail day to us! The tshirts came today and they are wonderful! So soft! My oldest has proclaimed them her new "cozy" shirts. Believe me, cozy is important around here. =) Thank you again for your generosity! The girls were also excited to see the balloons and stickers. I already have several people in mind to give the catalogs to! We'll be looking forward to the new designs. Thanks again!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Green Parent Ethical Fashion Special

Oh my goodness, more press news... here we are in the fashion pages of The Green Parent magazine, Ethical Fashion Special, February/March issue.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Olivia and I are in the local paper, thanks Carly for the lovely article

Little Bird says something about respect
by Carly Lockhart

"A local artist has opened a children's clothing business that sells 100 percent organic, fair traded cotton T-shirts for children aged six months to six years.
Jerseyborn Joanna Craven (34) launched virtual shop Little Bird at the end of last year with her first collection of long sleeved T-shirts for autumn and winter.
The T-shirt designs by Miss Craven feature Carmen Miranda of the Allotment and the Acorn Boys, who look like two boy scouts.
But the Little Bird best seller is an owl design which was inspired by Miss Craven's daughter; Olivia Howell (4), and her favourite toy, Phunt the elephant.
'Her friends think she is called Olivia Owl' said Miss Craven, 'and the pattern of the owl on the T-shirt is modelled on her favourite toy.'
Miss Craven started thinking about Little Bird about two years ago when she discovered what little choice there was for children's clothes.
'A lot of T-shirts that you can buy have slogans across them and are not very respectful for children' she said.


'I thought about how I could use my art work to make something myself. I wanted the illustrations on the T-shirts to reflect a child's world and lifestyle. Then I started thinking about how they would be made and what they would be made from. I realised that they should be made from organic cotton, and fairly traded, to make a product that was respectful throughout.'
The T-shirts cost £18 and are available to buy at They are made in a Fair Trade factory in Turkey and printed using organic ink.
'Sometimes prints on T-shirts can feel plastic, but these are really soft,' said Miss Craven, who added that the T-shirts are also durable.
'I knew they had to withstand washing and ironing, and often people pass on children's clothes to siblings and friends so they had to last.'
After the success of her Little Bird autumn/winter range, Miss Craven will launch her spring/summer collection featuring short-sleeced T-shirts with seaside designs.
She plans to change the T-shirt designs every six months to fit in with the seasons and ensure that there is sufficient choice."

Joanna x

Monday, 5 January 2009

on carry calm keep... Olivia H.

Olivia has a new passion for letters, she traces them in the air and then just has to have a pen and paper and copy them down. She works Chinese style from bottom to top, hence the rewording of this old classic. It's back to school tomorrow and she can't wait to tell her teachers that she has mastered the most tricky letter of all... "e"

Joanna x