Friday, 28 November 2008

un hypnotiseur

"Un Hypnotiseur" from "L'Imagiers Des Gens" by Blexbolex

Last night we went to a refresher Hypnobirthing class in preparation for March. I'm so pleased that we did, there was so much that we have forgotten in the four years since Olivia's arrival. So our heads are full of sleep breathing, balloon breathing and J breathing and most of all, full of hope and excitement as we get closer to meeting our "Bambi". Meanwhile I'm off to bed with my iPod and Marie Mongon's relaxation hypnosis, tomorrow my dear friend is taking me for a pedicure and then a long browse around Waterstones - what a weekend!

Joanna x

Thursday, 20 November 2008

another handsome model...

Look at this handsome chap in his tee shirt! Please keep these pictures coming, I love them. Also, lots of friends have been emailing kind words to us to put up on the site.
Here's what they are saying...

"I can sincerely tell you I love the tee. Its actually a great fit and J had compliments all round when he wore it last Saturday - it so simple and unusual." Helen, South Yorks

"A LOVES the shirt so much … she insisted on sleeping in it." Sharilyn, Lovely Design, Canada

"Thank you so much for the lovely T-shirts. J put his on right away and went to bed in it. It is the first time that they have identical pieces of clothing - I hope it will encourage some positive bonding!" Carla, New York

"The kids love the t-shirts, though the stickers and balloons were the immediate hit and we love the bold designs." Jo, Jersey

"It's arrived! Thank you so much for the very exciting parcel. E was chuffed to bits. The stickers and balloons were such a delight too. The quality of the top is wonderful and fits beautifully... I am spreading the word....little bird is fab!!!" Emma, Hastings

“Thank you so much, they are stunning and brilliant quality” Jeni, Jersey

“many thanks for the lovely t shirt” Andrew, Jersey

“wow I love them” Francey, London

“oh how gorgeous is your t-shirt! I have enclosed a picture of O wearing his new t-shirt so you could see how happy he is in it.” Sabine, Australia

“The T shirt is so soft and comfortable, was wondering when you plan to do slightly larger sizes for 21yrs and over” Jo, Jersey

“Stunning!” Sarah, Rye

“The shirts are awesome” Joel, USA

[North Star Child] “he’s pretty darn cool, looks like he needs a starry hug.” Sarah, Hastings

"Our little bird tees arrived late last week and my girls have pretty much been wearing them, washing them, wearing them, washing them... I love them, and wish they came in my size!!” Molly, USA

Word of mouth is the best recommendation we could have, it’s also the greenest and most honest advertising. I'd love to hear from you...

Joanna x

Friday, 14 November 2008

never work with children or animals...

I've been receiving some lovely, lovely photos of Little Bird models. We spent a frustrating afternoon at the beach trying to take some photos of our girl modeling the shirts for the website. However after about half an hour of cajoling, bribery and finally beating my fists into the sand I decided that product shots might work better... How do Mini Boden do it? How many sweets do you think they have on standby? I went through a whole packet of Party Rings and some left-over chocolate birthday cake to get these shots and what happens, she runs off in her knickers, some loyalty to her mother's blossoming business...

Thanks for your photos, please keep them coming, they all look so fabulously gorgeous in their tee shirts! And your kind words keep me smiling

Joanna x