Friday, 24 October 2008

a GREAT BIG thank you

The year before last I announced my intentions to start this business. All I had was the name and a few vague ideas but I decided that if I told all my family, friends and work colleagues what I intended to do then I would have no option but to actually do it. I simply thought that people would ask how it was going and I'd have to be sure to make some kind of progress in order to keep face, what I didn't plan was the incredible support that everybody has given, the great ideas, business contacts, advice, feedback, joining an on-line community through brownpaperandstring and flickr, the gee-ing along from friends when things moved slowly or went wrong and then later the support from other small businesses run by mums. The journey has been a long one but thanks to my wonderful family and friends it has been full of joy.

So thanks to you all, here I am finally armed with a selection of beautifully made and printed organic cotton tee shirts all ready to open our virtual shop doors and welcome you along for the next bit of the ride...

Joanna x